Achieving Excellence in Dealer/Distributor Performance by Walter J. McDonald

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The roadmap for taking your dealership to the next level.

Walter J. McDonald’s Achieving Excellence in Dealer/Distributor Performance answers these questions: 

What are world-class machinery and equipment dealers doing today to help ensure their success? 

What operations performance metrics contribute most to improved revenue, profit, cash flow, market share and customer retention?

 Which Best Practices in each Revenue Center have greatest impact on success?

The author is standing by to assist you to improve your operations.

Achieving Excellence in Dealer/Distributor Performance provides an in-depth insight on:  

  • How to strengthen aftermarket operations, profitability and customer retention.
  • How to design and implement winning strategies for new, used and rental (hire) machinery sales.
  • How to ensure the key drivers of financial success are in place.
  • How to optimize cash flow and avoid common and sometimes fatal mistakes.

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How McDonald Can Assist You...

There are Six Steps for a successful dealer Operations Improvement Program.

Walter McDonald is standing by assist you further with each step:

  1. Identify proper, world-class machinery dealer operations Performance Benchmarks.
  2. Measure current company performance against Benchmarks at each Branch and Dealer overall.
  3. Determine “gaps,” differences between current Performance and World Class  Benchmarks.
  4. Rank performance deficiencies by financial impact and priority.
  5. Structure remedial Action Plans to correct and work toward eliminating priority performance deficiencies.
  6. Energize your company management team into a continuous improvement program.

How you and the author, Walter J. McDonald, can collaborate to improve your business.

How Each Support Level Works Cost
Level 1
  1. Purchase Achieving Excellence in Dealer/Distributor Performance
  2. Request 12-page “Level 1 e-Study Guide” for your primary interest area: General Management, Sales Management or Aftermarket Operations Management.
  3. Work through Steps 2 – 6 of the Operations Improvement Program above on your own.
  4. Walter will respond to your e-mail questions about the book content and Benchmarks.

Level 2
  1. Purchase Achieving Excellence in Dealer/Distributor Performance.
  2. Walter will respond to your e-mail questions about the book content and Benchmarks.
  3. Engage Walter McDonald to e-Coach your Management Team.
  4. Request his “Level 2 e-Guide to Operations Management” for your Management Team.
  5. Walter will help you and your Management Team with your Operations Improvement Program. He will guide you through your Diagnostics and help you determine “gaps,” differences between your current Performance and World Class Dealer Benchmarks.
    1. Offer suggestions on data collection.
    2. Benchmark each critical performance area with guidance on how to assess and analyze your dealer performance data.
    3. Compare and interpret your current scores against World-Class dealer scores.
    4. Rank performance deficiencies by financial impact and priority. Collaborate with your team to determine what to do first and how to best monitor your progress over time.
  6. Included in the 40-page Level 2 e-Guide to Operations Management are four optional management reading assignments on (1) Leadership, (2) Customer Service and (3) How to Get Employees to Do What They Are Supposed to Do and (4) e-Marketing. The e-Guide includes a reader’s guide for each book. These are inexpensive paperback texts in English also available.
email for
Level 3 Walter McDonald Works in Person with your full Management to complete all steps 1-6 in his internationally acclaimed 3.5-day dealer management program, The McDonald Group Asset and Revenue Center Management Workshop. Highlights are shown on Curriculum Page. Detailed agenda by email. Budget is determined by the location and number of participants. email for

For additional details, or to discuss any topic in the book, please contact: I would welcome hearing from you.

Attention McDonald Workshop Alumni

If you have attended Walter McDonald's Asset and Revenue Center Management Workshop in the past, this new Handbook is for you. It builds on your workshop workbook binder contents with

  • Completely updated performance metrics for each revenue center.
  • Greatly expanded "how to" sections for each revenue center.
  • Handy bound 8" x 10" paperback format, 374 pages.
  • New, easy-to-find topic index with over 1,100 cross references.

Suggestions Welcome

In 2016, I will be releasing the Workbook for Achieving Excellence in Dealer/Distributor Performance. And, I am currently soliciting suggestions for topics and content that dealers and manufacturers would like to see covered in this next new book. Some of the topics suggestions so far include:

  • How to improve your odds of hiring the high-probability sales candidate.
  • How to structure an accelerated start-up for you new sales hire and get them astonishingly productive within the first 90 days.
  • Industry-specific job performance reviews for dealer sales reps, technicians, dealer managers and financial managers.
  • How the hierarchy of Critical Profit Variables impact each dealer financial statement.
  • How to perform a comprehensive "Best Practices Audit" in new, used machinery, rentals (hires), service and parts operations. (450 criteria)
  • How to best utilize Internet Tools and Search Engine Optimization to channel sales leads for new and used, rentals, parts, service and operator training.
  • How to improve customer retention. How to best handle the very angry customer.
  • How the 3-4 location dealer can either Move Up or Move Out at maximum Business value: Essential considerations and steps to build the business or sell.

I'd welcome you thoughs on these topics and for other content recommendations for the new Workbook. Click here to email your ideas for my next book.

Thank you sincerely for your participation in this survey. I truly appreciate your support.