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Dealer Problem-Solving Handbook

by Walter J. McDonald, Soft Cover

Dealer Problem-Solving Handbook for the Master's Program in Dealer Management

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Walter McDonald’s Dealer Problem-Solving  Handbook is a comprehensive guide to finding solutions to dealer sales and operations problems in Books 1 and 2 and 3. 

Dealer Problem-Solving handbook for the master's Program in Dealer Management - McDonald Group Inc. Problem areas are listed by Revenue Center in the Handbook : New Equipment, Used Equipment, Rentals, Service, Parts and Dealer Principal/ Ownership.  Department Problems or Issues are presented followed by page number references within the nearly 1,000 pages in Books 1, 2 and 3

A Coach’s Corner provides Revenue Center Managers fresh, new insight into the priority issues of that responsibility.

Bonus Special Reports on Vendor and Banking Relationships, Organizational Development and Obsolete Parts Control are included.

The text abbreviations are color coded:

STO    Strategies, Tactics, Operations for Achieving Dealer Excellence
AE       Achieving Excellence in Dealer/Distributor Performance
DPS    Dealer Problem-Solving Handbook

Each Revenue Center has multiple pages of reference and resources.

Sample Format of Dealer Problem-Solving Handbook:

Dealer Problem Solving Handbook Examples - McDonald Group Inc

“These are the best books/tools for understanding the various departments of a dealership that I have ever seen.”

- Bill rowan, CEO, Sunbelt Industrial Trucks