Dealer Development Workshops

The McDonald Group, Inc - Dealer Development Workshop Curriculum Also, see " Special Features " and " Accelerated Learning Techniques" below.

For Manufacturers : Dealer Development Tools and Sales Management Techniques

For factory V.P. Sales, V.P. Dealer Development, Regional Sales Managers, District Managers, Aftermarket Business Development Managers.

This is our very popular flagship program for manufacturers to improve dealer development skills of their field sales team, strengthen relationships with dealer ownership, increase responsiveness of dealer organizations to factory programs, objectively assess dealer performance against market attractiveness criteria, and structure remedial action programs for average or poorer performing dealers. 2½ days.   Contact us for detailed brochure .

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For Dealers:

The Master's Program in Dealer Management

With Walter McDonald

Formerly: Asset and Revenue Center Management Workshop

The very best industry-specific machinery and aftermarket sales and operations improvement workshop for Company Executives, Location Managers, Department Managers and Financial Managers to help improve profitability, return on assets and cash flow, sharpen teamwork and build management problem-solving skills. We recommend the entire management team participate, working together toward overall improvement in each revenue center.

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Dealer Executive Sales Management

For Dealer Principals, Branch Managers and Sales Managers.  Sponsoring OEM's often send Regional Sales and Aftermarket Product Support Managers.

Examine new tools and techniques to build and expand profitable market share through your equipment and aftermarket sales team.  Discuss how to increase your real probability of recruiting success.  Design a highly effective accelerated start-up program for new hires.  Build a robust performance improvement plan for each member of your sales team.  Examine how team selling with product support can yield significant competitive advantage.  Discuss the essential steps to successfully move from selling to managing.  Create your own performance improvement Action Plan. 2 days.  Contact us for detailed brochure .

PLEASE NOTE: Many clients have had great success in combining  Executive Sales Management  above with  Dealer Executive Selling Skills   outlined below in sequence. Managers attend both sessions of these highly-rated workshops.

Dealer Executive Selling Skills

For new and experienced Dealer Equipment Sales and Product Support Sales Professionals.  Sponsoring OEM's often send Regional Sales and Aftermarket Product Support Managers.

Build competence with the essential skill sets of high-performance equipment and aftermarket sales professionals.  “ Deal Visibility Rate ” includes skills required to find the deal: time and territory management and prospecting.  “ Deal Closure Rate ” includes skills essential to get commitments: gaining entry, diagnostic questioning, recognizing prospect preferences by personality type, relationship building, account profiling, follow-up, presentations and demonstrations, handling questions and objection, team selling and large account management.  Learn how to run a territory like a successful business, achieve higher margins and penetrate target conquest accounts. 2½ days.   Contact us for detailed brochure .

How to Achieve 5 Star Dealer Service and Parts Performance Benchmarks. 

For Dealer Principals, Branch Managers, Accounting, IT Manager, Service and Parts Managers attend as a team.  Sponsoring OEM's often send Regional Aftermarket Product Support Managers.

Practical strategies and solutions to improve service and parts operations, invigorate service labor productivity, dramatically increase absorption rate, track and build service and parts revenue per delivered equipment unit, strengthen aftermarket revenue, identify maintenance programs that are best for your business and greatly enhance customer satisfaction and retention.  Special emphasis on sharpening department-level aftermarket marketing tools and techniques and teamwork and cooperation between departments to significantly improve aftermarket market share.  Best results are obtained by dealers whose top executives first participate in The Master's Program in Dealer Management Workshop .

Our Most Popular Aftermarket Management Workshop!  2½ days.   Contact us for detailed brochure .

Special Features of McDonald Group Workshops

Numerous special features are built into each workshop to help ensure better retention and application of tools and techniques back on the job.  Our unique McDonald Group training effectiveness measurement techniques can be built into any program to help program sponsors get the most value from their training investment.

Preparatory Exercises

Preparatory exercises and readings provide students valuable "mental set up time" to help them get the most from their session.  One or more specially created study guide workbooks lead the students through pencil/paper exercises from selected management readings.  In addition, several workshops require students to quantitatively benchmark current operations against industry performance standards.  Students are also encouraged to prepare and send in personal workshop objectives to make certain the program is relevant to their individual job situation and key interest areas.

Comprehensive Workshop Materials

Each set of workshop materials is custom printed with the sponsor's logo and special event theme slogans.  McDonald Group workshop workbooks are always comprehensive sets of multi-page and bound booklets. Each topic or section provides the student a handy quick future reference to the tools and techniques covered.  In addition, a USB flash memory "tool kit" will be provided for each participant with sample forms, assesment tools, and reprints of articles by your instructor. A specially designed "personal action plan" booklet assists students capture, detail and prioritize projects to improve their operations.  Former students frequently tell us they are continuing to refer back to these resource materials 10-12 years later.

Small Group Team Format

Researchers have long known that the more the physical senses are used in the learning process the more learning happens.  Rather than sitting in a cold, formal classroom environment, each McDonald Group workshop participant joins a 5-person team. Team members audit, discuss, evaluate, critique, assess, present and apply concepts. Mini-lectures, workbook materials, case studies, team report presentations and special projects guide students through the learning process.  Special meeting room specifications have been developed that contribute significantly to a positive learning environment.  Over and over, student testimonials validate these accelerated learning adult education techniques.  These ideal learning environments have been adapted now by many leading colleges, including Valparaiso University.

Special Evening Assignments

Short "issues and answers" discussion topics are often assigned to guide participants through group coaching exercises that focus on specific problems identified by the students.  Each customized selling skills workshop also includes special product presentation assignments based on realistic case studies using company-specific product and service programs.

Student Action Plans

Each participant creates a practical action plan to implement performance improvement ideas back home.  Special coaching assistance is provided by the instructor in the development of each student action plan.

Post Workshop Support...project action plans for improvement. 

The real value of attending a workshop of this type is on-the-job application of tools and techniques learned in the session.  Special emphasis is given to follow-up student Action Plan Implementation support at no additional charge. Dealer Management partners with the instructor to provide 3 and 6 month progress reports and success stories back to The McDonald Group.  And, continued performance deficiencies and/or more advanced performance requirements can be covered in a follow-up program by The McDonald Group.

A complimentary McDonald Group coaching "help line" is provided to each workshop participant.  In addition, several McDonald Group project implementation techniques are employed to guide students through execution of their individual project action plans for improvement.

Adult Education and Accelerated Learning Techniques

Since 1991, we have been applying Accelerated Learning Techniques in our McDonald Group dealer development workshop and seminar programs.

Our first effort was to emphasize practical, how-to topics that made the workshop concepts more acceptable to students.  Preparatory exercises contributed to this focus. In addition, we found that small group discussions greatly enhanced student participation and practical application of workshop topics.

We then formatted introduction sections of each training module to include "best business practices" audits. The audits enabled the learning process to be more logical. The audit process coincided with the student's way of viewing the job and his/her world.

The third step to overcome barriers to learning involved fine-tuning instructor presentation techniques.  We included good clean humor, fun, participant-centered activities, mutual idea exchanges, a dynamite idea "show and tell" exercise and reports on priority action plans for implementation back home.  Our emphasis on creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere resulted in increased student participation, enthusiasm and willingness to share ideas and experiences.

These efforts have paid high dividends for program sponsors by building motivated and involved student participation, improving measurable results and strengthening job performance back at the dealership.  Student program evaluation sheets continue to offer strong evidence that we are on the right track.

We are continuing to incorporate High Impact Accelerated Learning Techniques in our dealer training.  We are creating new ways to overcome student learning barriers.  And, we are structuring positive workshop environments that inspire faster, better learning and more complete implementation of Project Action Plans back on the job.

Our goal is to keep fun, creativity and effectiveness in every McDonald Group dealer development seminar and workshop.