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The Master's Program in Dealer Management by Walt J. McDonald

Limited Edition Four Volume Boxed Set by
Walter J. McDonald

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Walter J. McDonald, Founder of The McDonald Group, Inc. completes his publication series on dealer development tools and techniques with the release of his “Limited Edition Four Volume Boxed Set, ”The Master’s Program in Dealer Management.”

Each hand-crafted Limited Edition display box was custom made by a traditional bookbinder in Rhode Island, USA.

Achieving Excellence in Dealer/ Distributor PerformanceIncluded is the highly-acclaimed Book 1, Achieving Excellence in Dealer/ Distributor Performance . The text focuses on how dealers can increase profitability, cash flow, market share and customer retention through achievement of High-Performance Dealer Benchmarks . This volume actually contains two books, one book with performance benchmarks and advice on what the numbers mean and the second book on how to improve. The dealer/distributor can analyze its business operations through the performance yardsticks presented in this “real metrics, real solutions” text.  

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Strategies, Tactics, Operations for Achieving Dealer ExcellenceBook 2, Strategies, Tactics, Operations for Achieving Dealer Excellence provides in-depth insight into how dealers can build a sustainable strategy and structure their organization to win and keep winning through World-Class Dealer Best Practices . Walter begins with building a Strategic Vision and provides a practical “how to” process for creating a winning product/market Strategy. His emphasis is on how to judiciously utilize your scarce and costly resources. He examines Tactics for the proper utilization of the right resources at the right time. And, he defines the characteristics of Operations Excellence in Each Revenue Center.  What must you do well to gain and maintain competitive advantage? What execution skills are essential to your success?

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Dealer Problem-Solving HandbookBook 3, the Dealer Problem-Solving Handbook is a comprehensive guide to finding solutions to dealer sales and operations problems in Books 1 and 2. Problem areas are listed by Revenue Center in the Handbook. And a special “Coach’s Corner provides useful encouragement and management tips for service, parts, rentals and machinery sales managers Fresh, new insight into each problem is presented followed by extensive page number references within the nearly 1,000 pages in Books 1 and 2.  The downloadable free Management Tool Kit has access to over 200 forms, charts and tables available in Books 1 and 2. These helpful management tools are in flexible Word format.  

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Dealer Study Guide and WorkbookBook 4, the Dealer Study Guide and Workbook assists readers easily navigate through the benchmarking exercises, business assessments and performance improvement projects. With the success of his first three texts, Walter McDonald now provides a workbook to guide you through the practical, personal application of principles for improving dealer profitability, market share, cash flow and customer retention. This Study Guide and Workbook-- along with the accompanying three texts---equips you to achieve positive performance improvements in your business and the life of your organization through your effective and competent leadership.

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Here is what Industry Executives say about The Master’s Program in Dealer Management :

“This 4-book set drives rethinking your business and managing team resources. It is a practical roadmap with a comprehensive collection of dealership ideas, frameworks, examples, and organizational solutions that can unleash a dealer's productive output and help outpace competitors. The set is a persuasive and essential guide for every dealership to follow to achieve exceptional performance in all areas.”
- Dr. Nick McGaughey, CPA.  40 years experienced in helping equipment manufacturers and dealers become more profitable.

“These are the best books/tools for understanding the various departments in a dealership that I have ever seen.”  
- Bill Rowan, CEO, Sunbelt Industrial Trucks

“Walter McDonald has assembled great insight and advice that he has learned over 40 years as a consultant and educator in the industrial equipment industry.  His continuously updated material is presented for all levels of management and for all aspects of the business.”
- Tim Hilton, Former CEO, Carolina Handling

“This is one-of-a-kind culmination of a lifetime’s work.  There is nothing else like it... a crowning achievement.”
- Jim Wilson, Retired Manager, Dealer Development, MCFA. 42 yrs. with Caterpillar

“If you are involved in the capital goods sales/distribution business, you need to utilize these books to insure you are managing all segments and departments for profitability. You will become a better leader!”
- John M. Vandy, former Training Manager, J.I. Case Corporation

 “These are the only independent dealer operations manuals dedicated specifically to our machinery industry we are aware of.  Walt has collected over forty years of dealership “best practices” and assembled them into a series of easy-to-follow workbooks.”  
- Bill Ryan, former President LiftOne LLC , Industry Advisor tdtOne

These four books are a great blend of strategy and tactics. The strategy provides fuel for thought and determination of a direction that fits your company. The Tactical pieces in the books provide analytical tools and process tools that help create a focus to move the needle. Well Done!
- Don Turk, General Manager, Wieseusa East Division

“Are you truly looking at today’s markets and customers with an eye to the ever changing technology of communication?  Are you prepared to deal with the speed available to the customer in search of products and services?  
-The “Old World” of how we go to market and products support is be being redefined by many new players without the constraints of “HOW IT HAS ALWAYS WORKED IN THE PAST.”  It is critical you examine your attitude towards RTR and RTS. (Rent to Rent and Rent to Sell).  The customer is looking to better manage the risk of the business cycle and diversification in his type of jobs.

The material in these three manuals is a healthy read.  It will challenge you to rethink and challenge many of your paradigms about your beliefs as it pertains to what you think should be your business model.”
- Doug Freitag, former Vice President Sales, BOBCAT Company

“Making money, teaching employees, caring for and cultivating customers and leading a successful dealership are all parts of management in a dealership.   These are not easy when they are all required at the same time.  Dealership managers need tools to step outside of the daily fire and look at the process, the strategy or the tactics.  

With the complete set of books in The Master’s Program in Dealer Management, Walter McDonald has created the tools for reviewing your strategy, or making sure you have one.  There are exercises to check your processes.  If you were a fireman, you’d need ladders, trucks, firehoses, and heat protective gear.  When you manage a dealership you also need equipment, tools, tactics and processes to accomplish building the company and putting fires out daily.

With Walter’s 40+ years of experience working with thousands of dealers and manager he has collected answers that have worked many times for other dealerships.  His collection of chapters and articles, ideas and worksheets will give you direction and support in making successful change happen in your dealership.”
- George M. Keen, Operations Manager, New Virginia Tractor