The Master’s Program in Dealer Management

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The Master's Program in Dealer Management by Walt J. McDonald

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  • 25 Profit Building Tools for Machinery Dealers
  • Achieving Excellence in Dealer/Distributor Performance
  • Strategies, Tactics, Operations for Achieving Dealer Excellence
  • Dealer Problem-Solving Handbook: For the Master's Program in Dealer Management
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FREE with purchase of my  Four Volume Revenue Center Management Set  (above), you will receive in your shipment these 2 Reader's Guides and the Workbook to complete your 7 volume  Master's Program in Dealer ManagementPLUS I will email you a free copy of my just published 12 Lesson  Comprehensive Self-Study Course for the full 7 volume set. Email coaching is also included in the Self-Study Course.

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This SET is the essential Tool Kit for every Revenue Center Manager and are also the basic textbooks used in Walter's Master's Program in Dealer Management . Individual books also available at a discount.

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25 Profit Building Tools for Machinery Dealers

by Walter J. McDonald – 2019, Paperback, 212 pages.

25 Profit Building Tools for Machinery Dealers


  • Practical, Cost Effective IT/AI Solutions
  • Tools to:
    • Increase Gross Profit Margin
    • Decrease Cost of Sales
    • Decrease Expenses
    • Increase More Profitable Sales Volume
  • Special Report:
    • Return on Net Assets

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This text was written to capture the rapid advances in IT (Information Technology) that can greatly impact programs to increase profitability. This book presents the minimum IT capabilities you need today to remain competitive.

25 Profit Building Tools for Machinery Dealers builds on seven pivotal ideas that, together, will help ensure your long-term financial viability and competitive success:

  1. The incredible importance of accurate easily accessible customer profiles.
  2. The life or death challenge of managing customer expectations.
  3. The essential requirement to capture “active interest” leads on prospects researching potential purchases (machinery, service, parts, rental/hire).
  4. The crucial need to identify and upgrade “underserved” customers, those with below minimum purchase frequency. 
  5. The vital necessity to monitor employee attitudes and identify what is stopping them from doing a better job.
  6. The indispensable obligation to optimize profitability through attaining quantitative performance benchmarks.
  7. The ultimate survival dependence on achieving at least 20% Return on Net Assets.

We explore profit-building tools in each dealer Revenue Center and how Low-cost Imbedded artificial intelligence and automation applications can best manage customer expectations, drive retention, and improve margins. We dig deep into technician productivity and 2nd segment sales success. Tech headcount and 2nd segment Best Practices are presented in our in our just-completed North American dealer survey. Dealer executives are encouraged to read this book FIRST in my "Master’s Program in Dealer Management" series. This text is written for you, the Dealer Executive, who is willing to embrace the latest reasonably-priced IT and deploy IT as powerful strategic competitive weapon. 

Additional student discount is available for McDonald Workshop participants. 

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Achieving Excellence in Dealer/Distributor Performance 
with Reader's Guide

by Walter J. McDonald – 2018, Paperbacks, 426 pages total.

Achieving Excellence in Dealer/Distributor Performance with Reader's Guide by Walter J. McDonald


  • Revenue Center Performance Benchmarks
  • Aftermarket Sales and Operations
  • New Machinery Sales Management
  • Ultimate Financial Survival
  • Special Reports:
    • OEM Agreements
    • Product Support Success Story

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Achieving Excellence focuses on High-Profit dealer Quantitative Benchmarks. It offers in-depth management coaching in new and used machinery sales, rentals, service, parts and customer retention. The text is filled with practical proven programs to strengthen and increase profitability, cash flow and customer retention in each Revenue Center. Major sections are for Aftermarket Managers and Machinery Sales Managers.

A third critical section is on Ultimate Survival strategies. If you are familiar with my work, you know I focus on the real value generating activities of the business.  I am in the trenches with the Branch and General Managers, New Equipment Sales Managers, Service and Parts Managers, Rental and Used Equipment Mangers, Customer Operator Trainers, and, Professional Sales and Customer Support Representatives who create real value and make it happen every hour of every day in your dealership. 

The Reader’s Guide tells the background story on how the content of my many workshops with the collective collaboration of world class dealers can help you become more successful. Included in the Guide is a Special Report on OEM Agreements and a big Product Support Success Story.

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Strategies, Tactics, Operations for Achieving Dealer Excellence 
with Reader’s Guide

by Walter J. McDonald – 2018, Paperbacks, 612 pages total.

Strategies, Tactics, Operations for Achieving Dealer Excellence with Reader's Guide by Walter J. McDonald


  • Six Strategic Questions for Dealer Executives
  • Best Practices Audits:
    • Customer Retention, Parts, Service
    • Rentals, Used and New Machinery
  • How to:
    • Handle Angry Customer,
    • Conduct Successful Aftermarket Marketing,
    • Develop High-Performance Team,
    • Manage Key Accounts,
    • Structure Accelerated Start-up for New Sales Reps,
    • Build Big Hairy Audacious Profit Model
  • Special Reports:
    • Becoming a More Effective Manager
    • Increase Service Labor Productivity (pp. 47-64)

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This volume is the companion to Achieving Excellence in Dealer/Distributor Performance . It is the Comprehensive Guide to building Revenue Center management strengths. It provides a roadmap to deploy highly competitive operations in New and Used Machinery Sales, Rentals Service and Parts. Executives who utilize these texts in their business are achieving Master's Level insight into management problems. Until now, there was only "tribal knowledge" of best ways to approach and solve dealer operations problems.

At last, this "tribal knowledge" has been written and indexed in the form of over 640  Best Practices . Special features include a comprehensive high-impact accelerated start up program for new sales reps, a success-proven aftermarket parts sales and marketing guide, winning service labor technician productivity improvement techniques plus many other useful dealer management Best Practices. The Reader’s Guide delivers a practical introduction and pinpoints areas that could be especially valuable to you in your dealership. Included in the Guide is a Special Report on Becoming a More Effective Manager.

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Dealer Problem-Solving Handbook: For the Master’s Program in Dealer Management

by Walter J. McDonald – 2018, Paperback, 84 pages.

Dealer Problem-Solving Handbook for the Master's Program in Dealer Management by Walter J. McDonald


  • The Problem-Solving Process
  • Issues, Problems and Possible Solutions:
    • Dealer Principle/Ownership
    • Parts Operations
    • Service Operations
    • Rental Operations
    • Used Equipment Operations
    • New Equipment Operations
  • Special Reports:
    • Organizational Development
    • Vendor Relationships
    • Banking Relationships
    • Controlling Obsolete Inventory
  • Dealer Project Planner Worksheets (pp. 78-81) 

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This is the resource guide to the Achieving Excellence and Strategies, Tactics, Operations texts in the Master's Program in Dealer Management. The Handbook is a highly-useful reference guide to the over 950 pages in these two books, a comprehensive problem-solving,  trouble-shooting tool  for dealer managers. Over 225 Dealer Service and Parts Operations as well as machinery Sales and Rental Problems are listed.

In each Revenue Center we examine Problem Diagnostics, Management Operations, Profitability and Key Metrics. Potential problem causes are discussed and practical solutions are referenced in detail by page in the Achieving Excellence and Strategies, Tactics Operations texts. A Coach’s Corner after each chapter for Dealer Principals and each Revenue Center Manager examines related pivotal challenges and offers tips on how to survive and prosper in each area of responsibility. Dealer Problem-Solving Handbook is the roadmap, your guide to finding and applying the right problem-solving management tools. Special Reports on Organizational Development, Vendor Relationships, Banking Relationships and Controlling Obsolete Inventory are included in the Handbook.

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Workbook and Study Guide for the Master’s Program in Dealer Management

by Walter J. McDonald – 2018, Paperback, 612 pages total.

Workbook and Study Guide for the Master's Program in Dealer Management by Walter J. McDonald
  • Road Map for Master Improvement Plan (p. 12)
  • “600” World Class Best Practices (pp. 32-33)
  • Worksheets for Dealer Principals/Executives
  • Worksheets: Service and Parts Managers
  • Worksheets: Machinery Sales, Rental Managers
  • Pulling It All Together for All Dealer Managers 

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This text is designed for the Dealer Principal/Senior Executive who wishes to structure a self-initiated process to improve the overall profitability, market share, cash flow and customer retention of the dealership. It also serves as a “leader’s guide” to organizational development and positive change. Included are many of the operational analysis exercises and discussion assignments from McDonald’s Master’s Program in Dealer Management Workshop with detailed instructions on how to best utilize them in your sales and profit improvement efforts. 

Be sure to carefully review the “Road Map for The Master’s Program in Dealer Management” illustrated on page 12 . Here you will see how the book is organized and how content from each text contributes to the development of your Remedial Action Plans.

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Here is what Industry Executives say about The Master’s Program in Dealer Management :

“The completion of The Master’s Program in Dealer Management” will be like adding ten years of experiential knowledge to your middle management team. There will be a significant increase in dealer financial performance when these practices are put into play.”
-- Walter Clark , General Manager, C.I. Walker/Whayne Supply

“This 7-book set drives rethinking your business and managing team resources. It is a practical roadmap with a comprehensive collection of dealership ideas, frameworks, examples, and organizational solutions that can unleash a dealer's productive output and help outpace competitors. The set is a persuasive and essential guide for every dealership to follow to achieve exceptional performance in all areas.”
- Dr. Nick McGaughey, CPA. 40 years experienced in helping equipment manufacturers and dealers become more profitable.

“These are the best books/tools for understanding the various departments in a dealership that I have ever seen.”  
- Bill Rowan, CEO, Sunbelt Industrial Trucks

“Walter McDonald has assembled great insight and advice that he has learned over 40 years as a consultant and educator in the industrial equipment industry. His continuously updated material is presented for all levels of management and for all aspects of the business.”
- Tim Hilton, Former CEO, Carolina Handling

“This is one-of-a-kind culmination of a lifetime’s work. There is nothing else like it... a crowning achievement.”
- Jim Wilson, Retired Manager, Dealer Development, MCFA. 42 yrs. with Caterpillar

“If you are involved in the capital goods sales/distribution business, you need to utilize these books to insure you are managing all segments and departments for profitability. You will become a better leader!”
- John M. Vandy, former Training Manager, J.I. Case Corporation

 “These are the only independent dealer operations manuals dedicated specifically to our machinery industry we are aware of. Walt has collected over forty years of dealership “best practices” and assembled them into a series of easy-to-follow workbooks.”  
- Bill Ryan, former President LiftOne LLC , Industry Advisor tdtOne

These seven books are a great blend of strategy and tactics. The strategy provides fuel for thought and determination of a direction that fits your company. The Tactical pieces in the books provide analytical tools and process tools that help create a focus to move the needle. Well Done!
- Don Turk, Vice President and General Manager, Wiese USA

“Are you truly looking at today’s markets and customers with an eye to the ever changing technology of communication? Are you prepared to deal with the speed available to the customer in search of products and services?  
-The “Old World” of how we go to market and products support is be being redefined by many new players without the constraints of “HOW IT HAS ALWAYS WORKED IN THE PAST.”  It is critical you examine your attitude towards RTR and RTS. (Rent to Rent and Rent to Sell).  The customer is looking to better manage the risk of the business cycle and diversification in his type of jobs.

The material in these seven manuals is a healthy read. It will challenge you to rethink and challenge many of your paradigms about your beliefs as it pertains to what you think should be your business model.”
- Doug Freitag, former Vice President Sales, BOBCAT Company

“Making money, teaching employees, caring for and cultivating customers and leading a successful dealership are all parts of management in a dealership. These are not easy when they are all required at the same time. Dealership managers need tools to step outside of the daily fire and look at the process, the strategy or the tactics.  

With the complete set of books in The Master’s Program in Dealer Management, Walter McDonald has created the tools for reviewing your strategy, or making sure you have one. There are exercises to check your processes. If you were a fireman, you’d need ladders, trucks, firehoses, and heat protective gear. When you manage a dealership you also need equipment, tools, tactics and processes to accomplish building the company and putting fires out daily.

With Walter’s 40+ years of experience working with thousands of dealers and manager he has collected answers that have worked many times for other dealerships. His collection of chapters and articles, ideas and worksheets will give you direction and support in making successful change happen in your dealership.”
- George M. Keen, Operations Manager, New Virginia Tractor