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Achieving Machinery Dealer Management Excellence

(by Walter J. McDonald, paperback, 402 pages, 2021)


Foreword by John Vandy
List of Figures and Tables
Guiding Principles for this Program
Why You Should Read this Book by Steve Ross
Special Recognition
The Master’s Program in Dealer Management (8 volume set)

Part One: The Master’s Program–Dealer Management Processes
1. The Big Picture
Part Two: The Master’s Program–Operations Performance Metrics
2. Managing the Dealership Overall
3. Managing Parts Operations

Parts Operations-Benchmarking
Parts Operations-Best Practices
Parts Marketing and Sales
Parts Action Plan Ideas
Parts Mini Lecture

4. Managing Service Operations

Service Operations-Benchmarking
Service Operations-Best Practices
Service Marketing and Sales
Service Action Plan Ideas
Service Mini Lecture

5. Managing Rentals

Rental Operations-Benchmarking
Rental Operations-Best Practices
Rental Marketing and Sales
Rental Action Plan Ideas
Rental Mini Lecture

6. Used Machinery Operations

Used Machinery Operations-Benchmarking
Used Machinery Operations-Best Practices
Used Machinery Action Plan Ideas
Used Machinery Mini Lecture

7. Managing New Machinery Sales

New Machinery Sales -Benchmarking
New Machinery Sales -Best Practices
New Machinery Sales and Marketing Management
New Machinery Sales-Key Account Management
New Machinery Sales Rep Development
New Machinery Action Plan Ideas
New Machinery Mini Lecture

Part Three: Personal Growth and Development– “The Process”
8. Keep It Simple
9. Components of a Personal Development Plan
10. Personal Development Plan Worksheet

11. A Template for Success: How Many Small Improvements Get You to Your Goal
By Steve Ross

Part Four: Personal Growth and Development– “Ideas You Can Use in Aftermarket Product Support Management”

12. What Impacts Dealer Absorption Rate?
By Walter McDonald

13. Ten Dealer Parts Promotions that Work
By Walter McDonald

14. Are You Really Answering the Phone?
By Walter McDonald

15. How to Support Engineered Products in a Multi-Channel Aftermarket
By Walter McDonald

16. How to Develop and Mentor Product Support Leaders
By Chris Holmes

17. Eliminate Status Calls Today!
By Walter McDonald

18. Customer Retention by the Numbers
By Debbie Frakes

19. Customer Service: Make Sure the Story of the Solution is Better than the Story of the Problem
By Tim J. Murphy

20. The Secret to Shop Floor Productivity
By Cuyler Callahan

21. How to Beef Up Parts Sales
By Walter McDonald

22. New Insights into Technician Recruitment
By Bob Levin

23. Manufacturing Better Service Operations
By Richard Golden

24. Aftermarket Upgrades: The Untold Story
How to Save Thousands of Dollars with Aftermarket Upgrades and Prevent Future Equipment Failure
By Cuyler Callahan

Part Five: Personal Growth and Development– “Ideas You Can Use in Dealer Strategy, Marketing and Sales Management”

25. Strategic Thinking for Dealers
By Walter McDonald

26. Leadership- Building a Customer Focused, Process Driven, Passionate Business
By Chris Holmes

27. Enabling a Culture of Change… Communication and Alignment
By Chris Holmes

28. Speak Like You Are Right… Listen Like You Are Not
By Tim J. Murphy

29. The Magnificent Seven (Management Actions)
By Walter McDonald

30. Are You Looking to Grow Your Business?
By Debbie Frakes

31. Seven Tools to Build Market Share
By Walter McDonald

32. Six Great Times to Get Sales Referrals
By Walter McDonald

33. Building Machinery Dealer Market Share
By Walter McDonald

34. How to Avoid The 7 Deadly Sins in Your Used Equipment Business
By Walter McDonald

35. What is the Role of a Really Good Coach?
By Walter McDonald

36. Participation Rate and Market Share: The Key to Dealer Growth and Professional Sales Compensation
By Tim J. Murphy

37. Ten Biggest Mistakes in Key Account Management
By Walter McDonald

38. Dealer Competitiveness Health Check: Here’s What Can Move You Ahead of Competition
By Walter McDonald

39. Artificial Intelligence: The Digital Imperative
By Dr. Nick McGaughey, CPA

40. How to Improve Dealer Marketing Insights
By Walter McDonald

41. Treat Triumph and Tragedy the Same… They are Both Imposters
By Tim J. Murphy

42. The Problem-Solving Process
By Walter McDonald

43. How Better Data Analytics Helped a Machinery Dealer Double Sales in Four Years
By Steve Clegg

44. A/B Account Growth Strategy and Market Share Increase
By Steve Ross

45. The Use of Technology to Manage, Lead and Inform
By Doug Gibson

The Definitive “600” World-Class Dealer Best Practices

Part Six: Coach’s Corner

“How do we…?” questions and answers from recent McDonald Group Machinery Dealer Management Newsletters

47. How Do We… Better Manage Used Equipment

48. How Do We… Build Our Company Culture?
Achieve True Absorption?
Better Utilize Information Technology?

49. How Do We… Ensure Excellent Level in Our Dealers’ Customer Service?
While Chasing Business?
While Chasing Past Due Receivables?

50. How Do I… Prioritize My Sales Management Job Responsibilities with my
Dealer Principal?
Guest Contributors
About the Author