OEM Regional Manager’s Guide for Dealer Development

Here’s what we cover in this comprehensive handbook:

  • Three OEM dealer development case histories: 1970s – 1980s J.I. Case, 1980s – 1990s Bobcat, 1990s – 2000s Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America
  • Building an optimum manufacturer-dealer partnership
  • Dealer recruitment program
  • The OEM perspective—optimizing field team results
  • The dealer perspective—what is needed and expected
  • The “Never Do’s”
  • The Eight Dealer Development Tools
  • Data analytics for sales and marketing strategy
  • Returns on digital investments
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Reviews from industry leaders

“I think the new Dealer Development: The OEM Regional Manager’s Guide is excellent. The book in general is interesting, factual, clear and concise and more importantly, actionable. It focuses attention in all of the right areas and works from the very start to drive collaboration between the OEM regional manager and the dealer network. The clear action plans laid out as you make your way through will ensure that whoever is following it with have a much deeper understanding of their territory and where to focus their efforts.

“This guide is a must read for any regional manager looking to optimise their performance. This book addresses the fundamental importance of strong working relationships and trust between the OEM and dealer network and demonstrates how true success comes from the synergy between sales and the aftermarket. Walt provides a simple to follow and highly practical framework to help you understand your dealers’ businesses and markets in greater detail, build relationships that last, the KPI’s that truly matter and prioritise your efforts to maximise the reward.”

Alex Stewart, Global Major Accounts Aftermarket Sales Manager, JCB, United Kingdom

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