Why Train Your Team?

The real question is, “What happens if you don’t?”

According to prominent futurists and business leaders, we have clearly entered the knowledge era. Our new economy is a knowledge economy. Knowledge now provides the raw materials for wealth creation and is now the primary source of organizational and personal power.

In our highly competitive industries, being able to learn faster than the competition may be the only sustainable advantage you can maintain.  Under these circumstances, lifelong learning is no longer a pleasant fringe benefit to be enjoyed by the few. It is the critical difference between success and failure.

The creation and dissemination of knowledge will differentiate the companies that will survive from those that don’t.  Such knowledge is crucial for staying ahead of competition in quality, speed and innovation.  Brainpower is becoming a company’s most valuable asset.  Brainpower conveys a competitive edge in the marketplace.  In other words, it is the sum of everything your company knows that gives you a competitive edge.

In many distributors (and manufacturers) the management of intellectual capital is still uncharted territory.  Managing know-how is not like managing cash, inventory, production or sales.  Step one in getting more from your intellectual capital is to find it.  Step two is to link your company’s intellectual needs to your strategic plan.

In summary, knowledge has become more important for organizations than financial resources, market position, product technology or any other company asset.  Knowledge is the only meaningful resource in today’s workforce.  Unlike physical assets that gradually wear out, knowledge, problem-solving skills and insights from the learning of employees actually increase in value when used and practiced.

Employee Training Yields More Profitable Growth

A recent Arthur Andersen study found that one key characteristic of small to midsize businesses (under 100 employees) that achieved over 10% revenue growth each year was employee training.  In this survey, fast-growing, profitable companies invested 3.4% of revenues in employee training, 26.4% more than slower growing, less profitable firms.

In the emerging knowledge economy, employees at every level will be challenged to develop new knowledge, take responsibility for their ideas and to pursue their ideas as far as they can go.  The leadership role of management is to create an environment that allows workers to increase this knowledge for the benefit of the entire business.

Textbooks in these programs include Walter’s 10-Volume Master’s Program in Dealer Management book set. These popular dealer management resources are being utilized by OEM and dealer management teams worldwide.

Forget boring “death by transparency” presentations. The McDonald Group’s accelerated distance learning management development programs are fun, highly participative and very productive. Retention is strong and we take extensive steps to help ensure that tools and techniques are implemented on the job. 

The McDonald Group offers the most comprehensive dealer/distributor training curriculum available in the heavy and compact construction, forestry, municipal, fire apparatus, fork lift, heavy duty truck and trailer and farm power equipment industries.  And we have blue chip client references in each industry.  Every program in our current curriculum has been field tested in literally hundreds of sessions.  Since 1975 we have created and presented over 2,650 workshops and programs for manufacturers and their dealers in North America, Europe, Australia, Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

Program – #1 Distance Learning OEM Customer Contact Managers
2022 Curriculum for OEM Customer Contact Managers, OEM Regional Sales Managers and OEM Aftermarket Managers

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Program – #2 Distance Learning for Dealer Managers
The Master’s Program in Dealer Management is a 16 module personalized, distance learning training program with a curriculum track for machinery dealer distribution executives and managers and a track for OEM customer contact managers and distributor executives.

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Program – #3 Dealer Management Workshops
Classroom Training

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Program #4 – Dealer Management Workshops
Instructor-Led Distance Learning Program

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