How Technology Can Transform Efficiency of Field Service Requests

By Steve Ross

Worldwide, customers and dealers lose billions of dollars per year not repairing equipment on the first visit to the site. Current methods of phone calls and email are challenging for the equipment user to supply the servicing dealer with enough information to prioritize down units and enough details about the issue to fix the unit on the first visit.

A Quick Response Digital Platform changes this process with a simple scan of the encrypted decal with smartphone app technology. Immediately the service request is in the dealer portal for analysis and technician dispatch. This is really big, important news for field service operations.

The entire service request process in 45 seconds, with 100% accuracy! The machinery dealer benefit is a 60% Increase in 1st Call Fix Completion Rate by having accurate and concise service request data with planning!

This system is now available through HIVE Quick Response,

How It Works

The HIVE Quick Response platform has transformed the field service request process. This traditional process is moved to a digital platform of secure links between machine users and servicing dealers. It is easily installed cloud-based technology with an incredibly low investment point.

The Quick Response digital platform changes the field service request process with a simple scan of the encrypted decal via our free Smartphone App technology. Immediately the service request is displayed in the dealer portal for analysis and technician dispatch.

Prioritizing each request is now possible. Every request shows if the unit is down or still operating. Down units will be moved to priority one status.

The service request process takes less than 45 seconds for your customer. It is simple and fast. The Service Coordination team immediately receives the unit’s vital data, location, and issue in a secure portal. The data allows for a process change to pre-call plan your service calls for required parts and technical review. This critical step significantly reduces costs and improves uptime. And, most importantly, the dealer can achieve a 60% increase in 1st call completion rate through pre-call diagnostics and having the right parts on the call.

Challenges With Current Processes…

Is your machinery dealership having any of these problems?

  • Getting the correct unit or item serial number needing the repair?
  • Clients waiting on hold for the service supplier dispatch team?
  • Voicemail messages left not clear and call not responded to timely?
  • Emails are not read promptly for service requests?
  • Time for clients to type an email with all info with photos of the issue?
  • Service requests waiting for authorization to send technician?
  • Not enough information reported upon requests to fix on the first visit?
What Platform Users Have Said About the Quick Response Process

Customer/End User: “It worked great, so easy it’s crazy. Going to send the contact information of two of my other service suppliers, want them on the system as well.”

Dealer Manager: “The customer can just blink the sticker and put in the reason they need a tech. Pretty neat! Replaces having to phone in service calls, etc.”

Customer/End User: “This has saved me time. Before installation I was involved in every service request on our 37 units and often delayed waiting on me. This new system is great”.

Customer/End User: “Can you reach out to our other repair company. I want them set up also so we can place our service requests to them through HIVEQR.”

Recently asked questions:

  1. Can we connect Hive Quick Response Data to our current systems?
    1. Yes, we have an API / Webservice built with RESTful technology allowing data connection and extraction for analytics.
  2. Is the data generated by Hive Quick Response useful for analytics?
    1. Yes, we have many data points from beginning to end that are currently not possible with many business systems, as well as phone, email, or text methods.
  3. Can we communicate equipment status from beginning to end with our customers and keep them informed?
    1. Yes, from request to unit back in service you can communicate equipment status, reducing frustration, phone calls, and emails. Being easy to do business with!

Find out if Hive Quick Response is right for your business. Click Here to answer (7) data points and we will send you an ROI worksheet to help you decide if a demo makes sense.

Steve Ross is President of Hive Quick Response LLC, developer of the HIVE Quick Response technology. Steve has spent 38 years in most roles in material handling dealerships, from sales to operations, senior leadership to director of a multi-location factory-owned dealership. His focus is on Aftermarket operations and has had great marketing success helping dealers implement his A/B Account Development Strategy. Steve’s HIVEQR Quick Response Technology is an innovative new service request platform and is achieving great acceptance in machinery dealers’ operations. You can reach Steve at 407/234-4150 or You can also visit their website