New Insights into Technician Recruitment

by Bob Levin, Chairman/Founder Material Handling Supply, Inc.-

The Lift Truck Industry is offering great opportunities to people who possess technical abilities. Not surprisingly, technicians are the backbone of this industry. We see great demand for specialists competent to deal with technical challenges. And, there is always a demand for new talent entering the field.

However, during the past 35 years, the focus has been for young people to go to college and receive a college degree. Some young people should go to college to receive an education to help them achieve their career objectives. Yet, there are many other young people who are clever and interested in technical careers. They have skills in the electrical field, making metal products, repairing machinery and so on.

Up until now, educational programs have dedicated resources toward the college bound. And, there has not been enough resources provided for people desiring technical training in trades such as automotive mechanics, mechanics for the equipment industries, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, and so on. Hopefully, finally, this will correct itself through new government programs aimed at providing technical training for so many young people, which is so important for our country.

There has been a serious shortage of individuals entering the trades for well over ten years. These careers have the potential to earn high incomes.

Fortunately, today, many young talented people have expressed interest in exploring opportunities within the forklift industry. These young people have bypassed the traditional four-year college and focused their energy on becoming a technician.

These careers offer excellent opportunities to earn high compensation, including great healthcare plans, 401K Retirement Plans, paid vacations, sick time and many other benefits.

Many Lift Truck distributors provide skilled training and development programs for beginners to advance to master lift truck technicians. Distributors hire people with technical aptitude and provide mechanical, hydraulic and computerized electric componentry skills training throughout their career.

Our dealership is proud of the people we have hired and trained for 50 years by providing technicians a great future. People should be optimistic for their future when entering the lift truck industry from high school, military veterans and other mechanical businesses.

Lift truck dealers use new training technologies as a continued way for technicians to continue to increase their earning compacity. This will reinforce a vision for their career path for a great future.

Learning how to Inspect while working on lift trucks gives the technician capabilities to trouble shoot. Reviewing manuals and ordering parts on laptops enables them to repair customers equipment in real time. This builds customer retention for lift truck dealerships.

For well over 40 years the lift truck industry has offered customers a wide range of electric powered lift truck and equipment. Equipment that is battery powered with computerized components operate the travel and lifting. Operating attachments moving the pallets from left to right, and can perform many more functions. There is equipment for operating in narrow aisles elevating to 50’ plus in many warehouses.

Internal combustion engine powered lift trucks today have more electrical components. Technicians are trained to utilize electronic meters to diagnose equipment and keep these lift trucks properly operating.

The current government administration is developing an Apprentice Program to encourage high school graduates to enter technical fields. These Apprentice Programs provide excellent opportunities for technical career path for the future careers that will provide great compensation for growing families.

Lift truck technicians are the key to the business of stocking, loading, unloading and shipping merchandise in America. If it needs lifting and moving, some type of lift truck is needed. Keeping the equipment in good and safe operating condition is the goal of all lift truck technicians.

People entering the lift truck technical field are being provided the training and advanced training will increase productivity in manufacturing plants and warehouses. And, pursuing this path will secure a promising professional career for technicians.

Bob Levin is a highly respected industry leader. He is Chairman and Founder of Material Handling Supply, Inc. with headquarters in Pennsauken, New Jersey. You can reach Bob at 1-877-647-0320,