Sales Operations Assessment for The Newly Appointed Multi-Branch Dealer Sales Manager

By Walter J. McDonald

Congratulations. You have just been appointed manager of new and used machinery sales and rentals in a large multi-branch machinery dealership. This is a significant challenge and the purpose of this guide is to help you get a quick start and help ensure long-term success for you and your sales team.

In my experience, highly successful multi-branch machinery sales managers are able to master four directional leadership in five crucial areas. Your ultimate high-performance results over the next year depend on your developing…

  • Collaborative relationships with your product support team,
  • Supportive relationships with your key accounts,
  • Effective leadership of your sales team,
  • Information Technology to Enhance Customer Intimacy
  • Empathetic relationships with dealer ownership

Let’s discuss each performance requirement. There are recommended readings to help you further enhance your strengths in each area.

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