Sharpen Your Dealer Management Skills for 2022

The Executive Program in Machinery Dealer Management

Our McDonald Group Instructor-Led Distance Learning Executive Program is a private, personalized management development curriculum designed for machinery Dealer Leaders and OEM Regional Managers.

Key Program Features:

  • Quantitatively Benchmark Operations against High-Profit Dealers.
  • Audit each Dealer Sales, Rental and Aftermarket Operations against our high-performance dealer checklist.
  • Identify and discuss the critical success factors that contribute most to improving Dealer Profitability, Cash Flow, Market Share and Customer Service & Retention.
  • Build Management Problem-Solving Skills
  • Special section on aftermarket operations and aftersales marketing based on world-class dealer best practices and performance metrics.
  • Strengthen Machinery Sales, Margins, Deal Visibility and Closure Rate.
  • Create a Roadmap for Building a High-performance Dealership
  • Receive Year-Long Action Plan Project Implementation Assistance

Mr. McDonald will work personally with each participant on assignments, discussion sessions and study projects in each module. Video conference sessions will enable each participant to receive private coaching on coursework. Each participant will receive the complete Master’s Program in Dealer Management book set.

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OEM Regional Manager Comments on Master’s Program Course Completion:

As an OEM Regional Sales Manager, I put great emphasis on partnership with our dealers. I am always looking for new ways to help my dealers grow their business, to enable them to be more profitable. This enables them to have a stronger business and invest in the correct areas to further strengthen and grow, which ultimately benefits both them and us as their partner OEM.

I have conversed with Walt Macdonald and learned many things from him both personally and via his books. So, when Walt informed me that he was launching the Executive Program in Machinery Dealer Development, I felt it was a great opportunity to test my acquired knowledge and also learn new ways of working with my dealer network.

I have just completed the McDonald Group Executive Program in Machinery Dealer Development—OEM Curriculum. Over the past year, I have satisfactorily completed the comprehensive 16-module Distance Learning Program. And, I have just received my Dealer Development Certificate “With Honors” from my Coach Walt McDonald.

The personal benefits of this program enable me to have a deeper knowledge of how my dealers’ businesses operate and where, together, we can create clear actions to make improvements.

The benefits to my target machinery dealer, with whom I worked on several program assignments, are that we can work together to make these improvements, with the knowledge we have from Walt’s Books and my learnings.

The value to my overall dealer organization is that I have a better understanding of how dealers operate, especially revenue centers, and where they can make improvements to be successful, which leads to success for all parties.

Kind Regards


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