Who’s visiting your website?

By Debbie Frakes

People visit your website, because they are interested in your products and services. But if you don’t know who they are and when they visit, you may never have the opportunity to welcome them as a customer. More than 90% to 95% of purchasers (customers and prospects) will investigate a dealer by visiting their website and reviewing product information before contacting them. This is the exact time to capture their interest and significantly increase your efforts to capture this potential new business.

Why You Need to Identify Website Visitors

Research shows that if you call someone within five minutes of visiting your website, they are 100 times more likely to purchase than if you call them an hour later. But you need to know right when they are visiting! Identifying who is viewing your site in real time is crucial to using your website to its full potential, developing new leads, and boosting your company’s sales.

How To Add New Visitors Easily

One of the most common ways to identify website visitors is by adding form fills to your webpages offering to answer questions or allowing people to download an ebook or other information. However, 98% of web visitors will not fill out a form, so remain anonymous. The solution is to tag all of your website pages with software that identifies the IP addresses of anyone visiting your website. With this information, you can identify the people who are interested in your services and products.

Track Visitors

When leads in your sales funnel or database visit your website, you can see what pages they visit and connect with them on their particular interests. Your sales team can use these insights to understand what the customer or lead needs and offer a tailored solution to their problem.

How We Identify Website Visitors

It is easily possible to tag your website with a program that monitors visitors, so you’ll know exactly who is coming to your website and which pages they are visiting.

Emails Help Indicate Who Is Visiting

If you add your email list to the program, anyone on the list can be identified easily when they visit your website.

The Notifications

You’ll receive alerts via email and/or text when someone with a designated engagement level visits your website. You can tag who should receive notifications for each visitor.

The Reports

You’ll receive weekly reports showing exactly who visited your website, including how active they were on your site.

The Form Fills

Although most visitors do not fill out a form, it is still important to have that option conveniently located on most of your web pages. The website generates more form fills if they are located on many pages to make it easy for visitors to complete them. You’re notified as soon a form is completed, so you can contact them quickly about their needs.

Send Promotional Emails Through Your Web Tagging Program

If you distribute parts, service and equipment promotional emails through the web tagging program, the website visitors can be more readily identified. You will see the engagement of the email recipients immediately after sending out an email, as you receive notifications of email opens and website visitors. Calling them to see what you can help them with is an important part of the lead process.

By loading bounced emails into a calling program you can identify the correct email address for anyone who has an email that is not being delivered. When someone leaves a company, you can identify their replacement quickly with this process in place.