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When you increase the skills of your employees, you also increase productivity and lower turnover. Your well-trained employees are better prepared to answer customers’ questions and offer solutions, making customers more likely to return again and again. When you increase your customers’ lifetime value, you increase your bottom line. Happy employees, happy customers, and bigger profits. What more could you want?

Why BCA?

Because we excel at what we do! BCA has been developing training programs for nearly four decades. Our expertise encompasses:

  • State-of-the-art training tools—Technology changes quickly, and BCA prides itself on keeping pace with the latest training tools.
  • Programs for the agriculture, construction, and transportation industries—That’s our niche…vehicles and machinery that use parts. We help you sell service and parts to fix the machines. It’s our specialty.
  • Best practices—Adult learning is best achieved when trainees:
    • – Understand why something is important to know.
    • – Have the freedom to learn in their own way.
    • – Acquire skills through doing.
    • – Can use skills immediately.
    • – Have a positive and encouraging learning experience.
      Our curriculum is structured on those principles.
  • Plain English—Unlike most technical manuals, our training materials are easy to understand.
  • On time and on budget—That’s our guarantee.
Customized Training Programs

Your company is unique, so we give you unique solutions. Our training programs are designed specifically for your company, making every minute of training productive. Our programs are flexible (to adjust to your ever-changing needs) and scalable (to grow when you grow). Additionally, we incorporate your brand and identity into training materials, making them truly yours.


Consider BCA a part of your team. As a good team member, we are easily accessible and responsive to your needs. We work not only for you, but also with you to create the most effective training experience for your employees.

Training Services


  • Gap assessment
  • Curriculum development
  • Training material production


  • Facilitator-led seminars and workshops
  • Interactive computer and web-based training
  • Self-study – workbooks, manuals, and job aids
  • Videos


  • Testing and certification
  • Recognition and incentive program administration
  • Tracking and reporting

Increase Your Bottom Line through product and tech training.

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