Parts Management Operations Improvement

It’s hard to think of an important aspect of dealer management that is more neglected than parts operations management training. Your Parts Manager can be responsible for warehouse security and safety, inventory control, picking, and shipping efficiency, prompt response to “back counter” service department requirements, parts warranty claims, parts marketing and sales, and an attractive… Continue reading Parts Management Operations Improvement

Effective Parts Management– What to Measure and Monitor

The following parts performance metrics are considered essential to managing a profitable parts business. Each analytical routine should be readily available from your software vendor. By monitoring these data points daily or weekly, your Parts Manager can take corrective action immediately, not at the end of the month. Again, why wait until statements are published… Continue reading Effective Parts Management– What to Measure and Monitor

Being Digital: Plan, Move, Win!

Being digital refers to technology connections, integrations, and interactions between people, processes and data, functions, and products/services (things). Being digital is about gaining a visible edge in the war game with competitors to capture as much time, attention, and money from the marketplace as possible. This article explores some aspects of being digital. Being digital… Continue reading Being Digital: Plan, Move, Win!

The Master’s Program in Machinery Dealer Management – Dealer Distance Learning Format

A Customized Distance-Learning Program for your Entire Machinery Dealership Team: Parts, Service, Rentals, Used Machinery, New Machinery Sales Management, Information Technology, Finance and Accounts and Customer Service Managers Researched and Presented byWalter J. McDonald, President The McDonald Group, Inc. • The 13 module Distance Learning and private, personalized development program designed for senior… Continue reading The Master’s Program in Machinery Dealer Management – Dealer Distance Learning Format

Industry Executive Reviews

I don’t know how much further Walt can take his guidance to our distribution channel and businesses, but I keep reading and learning. As soon as I start feeling too comfortable, the business evolves again and I better adjust or lose ground.John M. Vandy I carefully read through your latest release, “Service Management: The Machinery… Continue reading Industry Executive Reviews

How to Field a Winning Team

Collaborative Relationships Between Dealer Sales and Product Support Are Essential to Overall Success From the Sales Manager’s perspective, the primary objective of a machinery dealership is to increase market share, profitability, and customer service. But, achieving these goals is often frustrated by continuous conflict between sales and parts & service. When you objectively examine these… Continue reading How to Field a Winning Team

Photoshoot On The Serengeti

How To Improve Deal Visibility and Closure Rates Reprinted with updates from Achieving Excellence in Dealer/Distributor Performance Have you ever considered signing up for a camera safari in Tanzania East Africa? It’s famous for large numbers of big game species at home on the sweeping Serengeti plains! Just think about it. This is the classic… Continue reading Photoshoot On The Serengeti

Sales Operations Assessment for The Newly Appointed Multi-Branch Dealer Sales Manager

Congratulations. You have just been appointed manager of new and used machinery sales and rentals in a large multi-branch machinery dealership. This is a significant challenge and the purpose of this guide is to help you get a quick start and help ensure long-term success for you and your sales team. In my experience, highly… Continue reading Sales Operations Assessment for The Newly Appointed Multi-Branch Dealer Sales Manager